A fitness for duty examination is a test to determine whether a person is physically, emotionally, and psychologically ready to go to work or go back to work after some time off due to injuries or the like.

In the case of new applicants, a fitness for duty examination can be conducted after an employer has already made a job offer to the applicant. This is also called the post-offer medical examination. This is a good way to know whether the newly hired actually has the capability to perform his assigned tasks.

The fitness for duty examination can be a physical test, to know whether the applicant can withstand the physical demands of the job or not. This test also takes into consideration the environmental aspects of the job that can have a physical impact on the applicant, like the temperature of the workplace, the safety against dangerous machines, and others.

We also have the Mental Status Exam, which aims to determine whether the applicant is psychologically capable of doing the job and solving job-related problems.Other tests can also be more medical in nature, like medical surveillance and thorough bodily assessments.

In the case of current employees, a fitness for duty examination is a way to guarantee that he is medically able to return to work. For example, if the employee has been injured because of a job-related incident, he may be unable to work for quite some time. He may be subject to a fitness for duty examination before he can return to work, to prove that he is ready to withstand the physical toll of his job and is not prone to further injuries.

Fitness for duty examinations are beneficial for all parties, the applicants, current employees, and employers. They help prevent hiring the wrong people, further injuring current employees, and losing productivity in the company.