Not all car accidents end up in injury or death. Most car crashes yield no more than some minor property damage and some majorly pissed off drivers. But when automobile accidents are bad, they can get really bad. Here are some of the worst ones in different states in the US.




Any Lake Geneva car accident lawyer would know about this case. It was 2002 and Interstate 42 in Sheboygan County was shrouded in fog. Whether it was the fog or some other cause of the initial crash has not been established, but the fog definitely contributed to making it one of the worst automobile accidents in the state to date. At the end of the day, 32 people were injured and 10 people were dead.




Texas is a big state, but when more than a 100 vehicles pile up, it makes a noticeable spectacle. Fog was again a contributory if not causative factor in the 140-vehicle chain reaction on Interstate 10 that happened on Thanksgiving Day in 2012. Eight people were seriously injured and more than 50 people required medical attention. There were two fatalities, both of whom were in an SUV that was crushed by an 18-wheeler. The first thing Texas truck accident lawyers would investigate is if the truck driver was traveling faster than the conditions allowed.




Another series of tragic accidents unfolded during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 1991 in California, but this time it was dust and not fog that impeded road visibility on the I-5. It led to 104-vehicle pileup which included 4 tractor-trailers that stretched over a mile. Thousands of commuters were forced to wait until the next day to get out of the traffic jam after road crews had cleared most of the wreckage. Seventeen people died in the crash, while about 150 others were seriously injured and had to be airlifted transported to hospitals. Again, San Bernardino County personal injury lawyers would have looked into whether drivers involved in the pileup were traveling too fast considering the weather conditions.


If you sustained serious injuries in an automobile accident because of the recklessness of a third party, you should not bear the burden alone. Contact a personal injury lawyer in the area specializing in automobile accidents to know what you can do to get compensation for your losses.