There was a time when women would change their look from day to night by simply changing wigs. Nowadays, wigs are more closely associated with cosplayers, and no one really wants to go to a formal dinner looking like the latest big-busted fantasy girl from the current anime film. Besides, wigs are itchy and require a lot of maintenance.

Instead of wigs, women now turn to their hairdressers to give them hair extensions to switch from stodgy schoolteacher to happening party girl. Or you may just want to get a little more volume or length without doing anything drastic. In Texas, for instance, you would look much more the thing with big hair. Here are some types of hair extensions that you may find in the best hair salon in Houston.


This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get a great big do. A set of clip-on extensions are several (usually 8) hair wefts attached to toupee clips that you can attach to your hair at the start of the day and all through the night, only to be removed before going to ed. Clip-ons are fun and they can be washed and styled just like regular hair but unfortunately don’t last very long if you use them every day. Ask your hairdresser for the best quality clip-ons, preferably made from real hair, so they will last longer.


Instead of a clip, tape hair extensions use, well, tape. The hair wefts are pre-taped and need to be applied by a hairdresser for a seamless look. They stay on until they come off on their own, which can be in as little as 6 weeks, and maintenance is usually low as they are washed as if they were part of your natural hair. The biggest problem of tape hair extensions is that it may be visible if your hair is thin, and you will have to leave off the ponytails for a while.


It may sound like a school project, but glue-in hair extensions look and feel much more natural than the first two methods if it is done correctly by a trained professional. The natural hair is bonded with the hair extension strand by strand using an adhesive such as keratin or glue with a special little hot glue gun. As you can imagine, application is labor and time intensive (so a bit expensive, but really worth it), and you need to go to the salon regularly to maintain it. You will also have to be careful about applying excessive heat or oils to your hair, as these may weaken the bonds. However, it can last up to 6 months with care.